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Trifecta Red Light Lipo Melting

The Trifecta Light Therapy System emits two wavelengths of LED light – Red and Near-infrared.

The FDA deems LED light “ordinary” light, as it is scattered/incoherent light. Since NASA began studying LED light over 40 years ago, there has never been a reported negative side effect from LED light. In fact, quite the opposite – both wavelengths are incredibly healing!

By combining both Red (635 nm) and Near-infrared (880nm) Light, the Trifecta Light System offers the most effective, professional, ‘Fat Melting’ System on the market today.

LED touch screen controller with timer 10,200 LED’s (3 LED’s per diode – 2 red and 1 near-infrared per diode) Red Light and Near-Infrared LED Light 8 Fully Flexible, comfortable and RELIABLE Body Pads Covering Face/Head Chin/neck/upper chest Upper arms Abdominals Hips Buns Thighs…ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

In addition to draining the fat out of the patient’s fat cells, and contouring the body by enhancing the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin; the Trifecta Light also offers non-surgical facelifts…and has amazing healing power from a cellular level…it will actually heal the body!

Before and After Photos

Before/After Photo #1

1.25 inch loss – 1 session

Before/After Photo #2

12 sessions

Before/After Photo #3

6 session transformation

Before/After Photo #3

12 sessions

Before/After Photo #4

8 session facelift

Before/After Photo #5

1 session

Patient Receiving Red Light Therapy


  • 12 visits – $1500
  • 20 visits – $2000
  • 2x/month post maintenance plan – $250/month

Note that this is a full body treatment and the first session is free. Contact us to make an appointment.