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What to Expect at Nature’s Way Chiropractic

“When you walk in the office you will be welcomed in the same way I welcome a guest into my living room,” explains Dr. Kara. At Nature’s Way Chiropractic we are here to listen to you and find the best solution that suits you.

The First Visit

What to expect at our Dawsonville chiropractic office.Below is an explanation of what you can expect to experience when you first arrive. We look forward to your first visit!

  • Paperwork can be filled out upon arrival at the practice, or you can download the forms and fill them out at home.
  • A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Kara.
  • A physical exam.
  • X-rays are conveniently done in the office if Dr. Kara determines they are necessary.

Dr. Kara will share with you what the physical exam tells her. She will explain what chiropractic technique(s) she’ll use and why. Once you understand everything and agree to receive care, you will have your first adjustment.

This visit will take one to one-and-a-half hours.

The Second Visit

We will usually ask you to return for your second visit two days after your first. Dr. Kara will check how your body responded to the adjustment on the first visit. She will ask you to discuss what you liked or didn’t like from the first visit, what symptoms were alleviated, what you feel should be focused on and more. Together, you and Dr. Kara will create your unique treatment plan, which will include the duration of the treatment and the frequency of visits needed.

Regular Visits and Table Talks

Once your treatment plan is designed you will begin your regular visits for the length of time you and Dr. Kara decide. A regular adjustment will last approximately 10 minutes. Dr. Kara also will give a “table talk” during your adjustment. She’ll discuss the brain-and-body connection. When the body’s stressed, it doesn’t function right. When we release that stress in the body, innate intelligence can flow from above down, inside out.

It’s important to remember that regular maintenance care is part of your health care, and part of making sure your body functions better. The decision to continue care after feeling better is one many patients make in order to remain at optimal health and keep stress out of their bodies. For the purposes of purely pain relief, it is not necessary to come for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to have Dr. Kara determine your individualized treatment plan? Are you ready to start living a healthier, pain-free life? Call for an appointment today. (706) 265-7339